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Securing Repeat Business

Guests who return to your property time and time again are invaluable. They relieve you of having to spend time and money to obtain new clients and they are likely to recommend you to their friends as well. The simplest way to secure repeat business and good word-of-mouth is to spend a little extra time now to make your customers happy.

Your role as host does not end when your tenants check out. It’s a good idea to write a personal thank-you note to each guest within a week of the end of their stay. You should also send out postcards to past tenants—perhaps at Christmas or New Year’s—inviting them to return. By maintaining this hospitality, you will keep yourself and your property fresh in your guests’ minds the next time they plan a vacation.

You should also be available as often as possible during your guests’ stays. Even if you don’t live in the area of your property, you should call the first day a tenant checks in and make sure they are happy with the home. Provide a phone number where you can be reached and respond promptly if contacted. Take interest in your clients’ vacations, just as you would a visiting relative.

Consider placing a vase of fresh flowers and a basket of local foods on the table before each tenant arrives, along with a note welcoming them to your home. Everyone loves free gifts, and your guests will especially enjoy regional treats they may not have access to at home.

To prevent disappointment and complaints, keep your rental listings up-to-date and honest. If possible, personally inspect your home routinely for cleanliness, appearance, and functionality of appliances. Sleep in each bed of your home to ensure comfort and accessibility.

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